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The Nanny Boutique makes it easy to find your ideal nanny match.

Finding a nanny isn’t easy. Sure, there are some good online resources out there – but it’s overwhelming. A recent search for “local nanny” on returned 3,374 results. That’s a lot of nannies! Essentially, it’s up the parents to filter, contact, interview and manage the entire process.

Here’s where The Nanny Boutique comes in.

Whether you’re looking for a full-time, part-time, summer or temporary nanny, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll pre-screen nanny candidates to make sure the nanny meets yours and our requirements.
  • With every position, we’ll first meet face-to-face with the nanny. If we feel there’s a good fit for your family, we’ll provide you with our nanny fact sheet. If you like what you see, we’ll set up an interview for you. The typical family interviews two to three nannies. Prior to the family interviews, we’ll provide you with:
    • A nanny ‘fact sheet’ including salary, payroll and tax information
    • A copy of the nanny’s resume
    • Interview questions
    • Guarantee information
  • Once you find your nanny, we’ll conduct a national criminal background check and a motor vehicle check for tickets, accidents and suspensions.
  • All of our nannies are CPR and First Aid certified.

Getting started with The Nanny Boutique is easy.

Just fill out our online parents questionnaire or contact us today to get the ball rolling. Then sit back and relax – we got this!

The Nanny Boutique focuses exclusively on Colorado placements including:

                      • Greater Denver Metro

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