Meet Our Founder


The Nanny Boutique is run by Ashley Stoll, a professional nanny and former preschool administrator with more than 10 years experience.

The idea for The Nanny Boutique came to Ashley when she was an administrator at a great preschool in the Denver suburbs – that happened to have a waitlist of two years for infants. “The families would understandably be shocked by the waitlist,” she says. “And they would ask for referrals for in-home care, but we were at a loss – there was really no one out there providing personalized nanny searches and I didn’t feel right about sending them to an overwhelming aggregate caregiver website.”

And thus The Nanny Boutique was born. Ashley’s mission? To provide high-touch and highly personalized nanny finding services for Denver families.

When you hire Ashley to manage your nanny search, you’ll find her to be resourceful, straightforward, kind, relatable and fun to work with. She’s especially good at understanding your family’s unique needs and hand-selecting the right nanny for you and your kiddos.

What’s more, The Nanny Boutique adopts best practices from preschools, providing parents with daily reports and programmed play and learning activities.

When you’re ready to find reliable and quality childcare for your family, give Ashley a call. And then sit back and relax – we got this!

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