Transitioning to new ownership!

Exciting news in the nanny world! The Nanny Boutique is transitioning to ownership by Caring Partnerships LLC! Ashley has done a fabulous job guiding families to a great nanny, and now she is settling in Tennessee with her family. Kyrsten Deinlein, the new Director of Family and Nanny Partnerships, from the local, family-owned Caring Partnerships […]

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Typical Day-to-Day Duties of a Nanny

Many families are unfamiliar with the typical day-to-day duties of a nanny. It’s important to know that nannies enjoy staying busy and more than willing to help with household chores throughout the day. Of course, their top priority is the children, so some days they may not get to everything on the list. As part […]

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Bringing Nannies Together to Create a Community

The Nanny Boutique is more than just a service that places nannies with families.  We strive to build a community of professional nannies; offering them the support and mentoring they need to be successful.  As a former nanny, I quickly realized that the industry is lacking the dynamics of a team.  There wasn’t anyone outside […]

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