Typical Day-to-Day Duties of a Nanny

Many families are unfamiliar with the typical day-to-day duties of a nanny. It’s important to know that nannies enjoy staying busy and more than willing to help with household chores throughout the day. Of course, their top priority is the children, so some days they may not get to everything on the list. As part of my nanny-training guide, I always include a list of the house chores and responsibilities that the family is expecting. Here is what I typically see:

  • Plan and prepare meals and bottles
  • Plan daily activities
  • Children’s laundry and bed sheets
  • Change diaper trash when full
  • Keep toys and play areas clean and organized
  • Help keep common areas tidy throughout the day
  • Load/unload the dishwasher
  • Prepare meals
  • Take out main trash and recycling
  • Run errands

Something to keep in mind, “light” house keeping is typical, deep house cleaning is not (unless the position includes deep house cleaning). You definitely want your nanny to feel appreciated, so if she is walking into a mess everyday it may become too much. Recognize the things she does get accomplished – a quick “thank you” means the world to your nanny. Don’t forget, your nanny’s top priority is the safety and happiness of your children!