Tips When Interviewing a Nanny

Finding a perfect nanny starts with the initial recruitment process.  When I interview nanny candidates, I feel that it is important to really get to know the individual.  Think of it as a casual conversation with a co-worker at a coffee shop.  It’s amazing how much you can get to know someone just in conversation.  Learning about someone’s experience is pretty straightforward.  When it comes to learning about their values and personality, you have to get a bit more creative.  I like to talk about their family, hobbies and interests.  Here are a few topics I like to discuss in our conversations:

  • Where the nanny is from.  What brought them to Colorado?  How long have they been here?
  • Do they have family and friends close by?
  • Why are they looking for a new position?
  • How long have they been searching for a nanny role, and why do they want to be a nanny?

By asking questions surrounding these topics, I can typically learn if the nanny is interested in making a commitment, whether they value their family, friends and relationships, what they do in their free time, etc.  All these things are important when recruiting a professional nanny for a long-term, permanent position. A good nanny candidate might slip through your fingers because you can’t see the experience on their resume. Judging people based on experience is great, but a successful nanny has the personality first. Conversational type interviewing will give you a glimpse into this personality and beyond the canned questions and responses.